What is a garbage disposal?

By garbage, disposal, we understand a waste elimination technique used to clean the space under the sink to keep it clean. This is a device that stays attached to the area under a sink and keeps, shredding food waste particles to ensure that pipe are clean of waste. This ensures that your sink is not left with the stink of wasted foot particles. If your garbage waste is maintained properly, it will work fine and keep your kitchen clean and free of foul smell. No matter how much garbage is disposed of if the garbage disposal is working fine no old and bad waste stays back in the kitchen to make it dirty and stinky.

Few tips you require to maintain your garbage disposal:

Maintenance is the best way to keep any machinery working and in good condition. To keep a garbage disposal working means keeping your kitchen healthy and odor free. Some tips that can help in maintaining the disposal machine are-

1.    When you are disposing of your food items though the sink ensures that you don’t throw any hard food particle like bones into the sink. Throwing any hard object into the garbage disposal makes the shredder inside to get dull. If your shredder is not sharp enough, your work efficiency will go down for sure. Not only that if you throw in small hard objects, but they might also stick to the parts of shredder rotating and jam the duct. The expensive garbage disposal you the higher rate of hard object shredding will be obtained. The capacity to shred hard object increases with the price and brand of the garbage disposal machine. The best way to avoid is by shoving away the hard particles into a trash bin. Things that are to be avoided in the disposal are – shells from sea food, bones, etc.

2.    Avoid starchy and fibrous items: Items that are starchy and have thick fibers can lead to drain blockage in the pipes. If you put such items in the disposal, it is suggested that such garbage are to cut prior throwing to the disposal bin. Foods that get stuck are – peels from potatoes peels of banana, celery, fruit seeds that are hard, etc. Putting shells of the egg inside a disposal machine may lead to pipe clogging witgarbage disposalh sand-like items.

3.    Decomposing items: Try and use items that get decomposed inside the garbage disposal. This ensures no left over of waste. The smell post decomposed can be revoked easily.

4.    Trashes inside the disposal to be avoided: Any hard non-degradable items like rubber, plastics, glass, nails, screws, etc. shouldn’t be thrown inside the garbage disposal. They get stuck to the shredder and also damage the blades.

5.    Cutting smaller dimension: If your waste material is bigger in size, you might consider cutting up before putting into the disposal machine. The disposal machines can take large chunks in one go.

6.    Water to clean: Keeping the water running when you dispose of is beneficial as it helps in better drainage and well maintenance.

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